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Post  Blade on Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:37 pm

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Welcome to the thread of the [$Aire$] Clan. We are very competitive when it comes to battling, and are always raring to go. Our clan wars take place at whatever server hosts the clan that we are warring.
The [$Aire$] clan was founded by Legend... but given control to the current members of the clan as Legend... is not very active. Now, we're involved in many aspects of the PO network.


To join [$Aire$], you must either ask a member to report to Blade, or be scouted because of excellent battle skill. If you are specifically requested by another member, you still must be tested. You should also sign up on the thread by simply saying that you want to join, the main server name that you use, and how active you are. You will be tested by battle skill unless you are a great artist and wish to join for that reason. Good luck if you want to join.

-Clan Roster-

Blade [Manager]*
Yipy - [Gimme That, Mariana's Trench, etc.]
[There is a leader and another subleader but they are both currently inactive so they will not be posted]

Lat1as - [Jayus, Fruit Juice]
The Power 5
DS(Apparently called Nicholas)
Porii - [Too many alts to count]
Dice - [Too many alts to count but often uses princess or briii or "$" sign instead of "S"]
-The Doctor- [Refuses to wear tag]

Super Hussain

Honorary/War Substitutes:
Bilet - [Flash Sire, Sechresse]
Emvee - Banned from -Realgam Tower-

War Record: 8-0
We have warred: [RS], [LoD], [HIVE], [LoV], [HQ].


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