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Winning ~ !

Post  Nomar on Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:35 pm

(18:32) [$G]Deputy Red: Bi-atch unmute me
(18:32) [$G]Deputy Red: u fucking abusive priock
(18:33) [$G]Deputy Red: i get kicked twice
(18:33) [$G]Deputy Red: and muted
(18:33) [$G]Deputy Red: wtf
(18:33) [HIVE]Nomar: who the F*ck u calling a Bi-atch, you dried up ape Sh*t, you dirty @$$ hoe, you better learn who muted you in the first place before you start talking smack, I didnt mute you, Green Pearl did

Oh, The Memories:

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