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Hitler, Grandfather Empty Hitler, Grandfather

Post  Nomar on Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:58 am

(10:54:38) Hannes: F*ck you hitler
(10:54:55) Aérø ∫tone: Hitler ...
(10:55:11) Hannes: yes and that is you
(10:55:50) Aérø ∫tone: umm, no
(10:55:58) Aérø ∫tone: thats most likely your grandfather
(10:56:02) Hannes: umm, YES!!!
(10:56:05) Aérø ∫tone: LOL
(10:56:05) Aérø ∫tone: LOL
(10:56:06) Aérø ∫tone: LOL
(10:56:06) Aérø ∫tone: LOL

Oh, The Memories:

Johto Team FTW ! -

Hitler, Grandfather 154Hitler, Grandfather 181Hitler, Grandfather 162Hitler, Grandfather 468Hitler, Grandfather 059Hitler, Grandfather 230

Sinnoh Team FTW ! -

Hitler, Grandfather 392Hitler, Grandfather 398Hitler, Grandfather 184Hitler, Grandfather 469Hitler, Grandfather 428Hitler, Grandfather 448
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